KSTL or Kansas Student Tecnology Leaders is a "competition [that gives] students in Kansas schools an opportunity to showcase their work and to provide a venue to recognize their efforts and achievements." Collectively tecnoa had three projects intered into the competition in the categories of Graphic Design, Web Design, and Video Production PSA.

Graphic Design Entry - 3rd Place

Graphic Design done by Nolan Blankenau, Owen Li, Tony Liu, and Eric Higgins.

Web Design Entry - 4th Place

Web Design done by Nolan Blankenau. The website he entered was this one so if you would like to see his work just explore this website more.

Video Production PSA Entry - 1st Place

Video done by Owen Li, Tony Liu, Youna Song, and Younjin Song

Download the video if your Browser does not suport this video format or is not loading.

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