Who are we?

The frisbee thrower in this tutorial was developed for a competitions by six High School student from Kansas. We were all friends who all had a common interest. To build something really awesome! Nothing is cooler than a machine that can throw a frisbee all by itself to help you train easier and play with your pets if you can not throw a frisbee yourself. Who are the master minds behind all this? Lets meet them!

Nolan Blankenau

Nolan Blankenau is the Chief Software Officer (CSO). He programmed the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and the servo motors. He also assisted with the construction of the Frisbee Launcher. Nolan is the developer of this website and provided most of the tools and equipment necessary. Nolan was in charge of the programming aspect of this project as well as the original organizer of the project.

Owen Li

Owen Li is the Chief Materials Officer (CMO). He was the first to have the idea of building a Frisbee Launcher. Owen made initial designs for the machine and drafted the original schematics. Owen was in charge of the construction aspect of this project. He also helped with programming and motor control. Owen also wrote the construction tutorial and was responsible for budgeting.

Tony Liu

Tony Liu is the Chief Hardware Officer (CHO). He was extremely helpful in the construction of the machine. He also assisted with the programming side of the project. Tony also redrafted the schematics after construction.

Eric Higgins

Eric Higgins is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He was instrumental in programming the Raspberry Pi and the servo motors. Eric wrote the programming tutorial and also assisted with the construction of the Frisbee launcher.

Andy Fitch

Andy Fitch contributed to the construction of the machine. He built several components of the machine and provided fresh ideas.

Connor McClain

Connor McClain provided comic relief through times of chaotic yelling. Overall added atmosphere to the project and kept everyone happy throughout the process. Connor also ran various errands and picked up parts.

A big thank you to Kansas Citizens For Science (KCFS) for providing the inspiration and the financial support that made this project possible. We would also like to thank Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Bachofer, and Mrs. Johnston for their guidance and their coordination with KCFS. In addition, we would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Blankenau for generously providing us the space, equipment, and expertise to construct our machine.

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