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With $150 one can do a lot.

Here at tecnoa we were given the challenge of making anything we wanted with a budget of $150 and a Raspberry Pi. So we go to thinking "Why can't we make a machine that allows you to practice Ultimate Frisbee by yourself?". Well, after 9 months of tedious work we had finally done it. But we didn't just make a simple single shot short range peice of junk. Our Disc launcher throwers over 75 feet and has the capacity of carrying 4 discs and more space can be added. We also didn't think that just using the Raspberry pi was sufficient because not everybody has one so we added the capability of using an Arduino Uno. With all of the upgrades we made to our Launcher it has become a revolutionary stepping point in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee and within 1 week had won first place at a science fair with inventions from all around our region.


Raspberry Pi or Arduino The frisbee launcher has the capacity to be controlled by either a Raspberry Pi or Arduino which allows for a wider range of users.
Adjustable timing and speed Because the user can use a Raspberry Pi or Arduino they will have the ability to open up the code and manually change the preprogrammed timing and speed.
Range of over 70 ft. At 100% power the frisbee launcher will shoot over 70 ft. with some of our test throws ranging over 100 ft. in ideal conditions.
4 disc magazine capacity Because of our superior design the frisbee launcher can hold 4 frisbees at once which means no more running back and forth between every throw to reload.
3 launch angles On top of the timing and speed adjustments you can also manually adjust the throwing angle to 3 ideal angles 5°, 10°, and 15° so from your set distance you catch at your feet, stomach and head.
Wheels and collapsible design The frisbee launcher is not the smallest machine out there and we understand that so we have put wheels on it for easy transportation as will as a collapsible design for convenient storage.
Built for under $150 One of the best parts about the frisbee launcher is that anyone can build it for under $150. Usually somthing like this would cost upwards of $500. But because you are building it yourself it costs much less.
Open source The frisbee launcher is also Open source. This means that anyone who builds the machine will have full access to the code we originally used to run it.

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